Board of Governance

Recommended Composition of Board of Governors (BoG)

Chairman (BOG)

  1. Shri Rajendra Singh Yadav – President of CAYMET, PUNE

Vice Chairman (BOG)

2. Dr. Chanakya Kumar Jha, Vice-Chair ,HAC, IEEE India Council

Member (BOG)

3. Dr. Amit Kumar, CEO and MD of BioAxis DNA Research Centre (P) Ltd

4.Dr. Deepak Mathur, Director, IEEE R10 (Asia Pacific), Former DMD, Oil and Natural gas Limited, Gujrat

5.Mr. Abhay Panikkar, Software Consultant, Mumbai

6. Dr. D.P. Kothari, Former Director – Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

6. Mr. Prabhakar Ranjan, Vice President, Swiss Bank

7. Shri Rajesh Pandey , Director , Maharashtra Natural Gas Limited ,Pune

Government Nominee

  1. Nominee of the All-India Council for Technical Education (Ex-officio)
  2. Nominee of the State Government/ UT(Ex-officio)

Member (BOG)

  1. Dr. B. Satya Narayana, Scientist, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai

Member Secretary (BOG)

  1. Dr. Nadeem Khan , Director