Agriculture Business Management

Why PGDM Agri – Business Management @ GIBDS Pune

  • 84 Industry visits, 18 International /National value & Skilled -added certifications, and training programs to learn from the best in the industry
  • India’s First Corporate Pattern Business School
  • Opportunity to work with Foreign Universities
  • Assured 100% Placement Opportunity
  • Chance to work on live projects from the Agribusiness sectors
  • Startup Funding opportunity
  • 360o grooming throughout the year to make you the most sought after candidate
  • Get trained by global business leaders to work across in government and multinational corporations
  • Enhance your soft skills through psychometric tests, team building activities, presentations, book reviews, and management events

Program Overview

GIBDS PGDM program prepares you to work for one of India’s largest employers- the agricultural sector. Agriculture is the backbone of the Indian economy, and to make it even stronger and more profitable, we need individuals who are committed to engineering the agribusiness revolution.

During our full-time PGDM program, you will learn the fundamentals of economics, management, marketing, and finance—while learning how these fields apply to the world of agriculture. Our experienced faculty will provide you with a detailed understanding of the manufacturing, distribution, storage, and marketing of agricultural commodities. Furthermore, you’ll learn about the latest advances in technology that have advanced the field of agriculture.

With this major, you’ll get the skills and knowledge you need to be successful in this lively industry.

Career Opportunities

After completing PGDM in Agri-Business Management program, you can pursue the following career opportunities in different domains:

  • You can work as a senior executive in reputed multinational companies
  • Become a marketer of fresh and packaged foods, convenience meals, and snacks
  • Work in finance firms that directly serve the Agri-Business industry
  • Become an Agri-Business Entrepreneurs or lead your family agrarian business
  • Pursue general and specialized roles such as grocery retailers, food e-commerce players, and food-service providers
  • Work in government agencies and non-government institutions that support the agricultural industry
  • Explore profiles such as Manufacturers and Distributors of agriculture inputs, supplies, and farm equipment
  • Become one of the digital, biotechnology, and other technology players that shape the food, agriculture, and energy sectors