Academic Calendar


Academic Calendar & List of Event Coordinators Academic Session 2022-2023

      20th      MondayInternational Yoga Day Celebrations –2022
Webinar under Expert Talk Series
    23rd    ThursdayWebinar under Expert Talk Series  
  24th  FridayWebinar under “Upskilling for Career Success Webinar under Global Talk Series by Foreign University  
27thMondaySummer Research Project Ends
29th to7thWednesday- ThursdaySummer Research Project Report Presentation  
  4th  MondayBusiness Summit 2022 on “Reorientation       of HR Practices after Covid19: How to  Adapt & Evolve”
    11th    MondayExpert Talk Series on “Life Beyond Studies” by Tedex motivational Speaker “Human Charger”
    15th    FridaySummer Internship Project Submission – Trimester IV
Faculty Orientation Program on “Academic Excellence through Pedagogical Innovations”
  15th  FridayBusiness Summit 2.0 on “Emerging Strategies and Changing Paradigm of Marketing Post COVID-19”
  22nd  FridayWebinar under Expert talk Series on Achieving Operational Excellence
  23rd  SaturdayBusiness Summit 3.0 Global Pandemic and Economic Environment: Challenges, Prospects and Growth
  25th -27thMonday- WednesdayFDP on “Conducting and Publishing   Quality Research”
July 2022DayActivity 
    11th -12th    Saturday- SundaySports Club Activity GLOBAL SOCCER E-CONCLAVE   
28th    ThursdayOne Day Workshop on Export – Import Management (VAC)  
Finalization of Dissertation Topic
August 2022
1st   MondayWebinar under Expert Talk Series on “Resilience Quotient”
3rdWednesdayTalk on Business Analytics & Artificial Intelligence
  5th      FridayGlobal Talk Series on “Role of CSR in troubled times of Covid19”  
6thSaturdayKnowledge sharing session of SIP
        7th        SundayWebinar under Expert  
Summer Internship Project Presentations – Trimester IV (Evaluation through Panel of External Experts – 3 Members)
  8th  MondayBusiness Summit 4.0- The Future of Fintech and Business Analytics
10thWednesdayCSR Club Activity Trimester IV-Be A Change Maker
11thThursdayBusiness idea review- E-Cell
    12th       Friday  Webinar: Auspicious Occasion of Independence Day On “Managing Security of Borders and Best Practices in Tough Time”
Independence Day Celebrations- “Vanmahotsav-Tree Plantation Drive”  
    15th    MondayBusiness Summit 5.0: Business Continuity & Resilience and Future Implications.
Independence Day Celebrations- Blood Donation Drive
  18th  ThursdayWebinar under Expert Talk Series on Health and Wellness for occupants in Buildings
  19th  FridayWebinar under Expert Talk Series on      Challenging Times
  22nd  MondayHR Club Activity Trimester IV- Debate Competition
  22nd  MondayBusiness Summit 6.0: Opportunities for businesses with IT adoption
25thThursdayWebinar under Expert Talk Series
29thMondayFaculty Development Program 
September 2022 
5thMondayTeacher’s Day Celebrations 
    05th –09th    Monday- FridayInduction Program on “Corporate Expectations & Insights for Aspiring Managers” 
  Submission of Synopsis: Trimester – VI 
  13th  Tuesdayexpert Talk Series on “Changing Global Scenario & Expectations : Role of Management Professionals” 
  14th  WednesdayMinor Project-I (Workshop) 
Expert Talk on “My Life Experience” – Trimester I 
  15th  ThursdayResearch Club- Activity Trimester IV– “Application of Technology in Business Research” 
    16th    FridayIntroduction to E Cell Trimester 1 
    17th    SaturdayOne- Day Workshop on “Presentation     Skills” 
MDP on Marketing 5.0: AI powered Marketing 
Global Talk Series -Trimester 1 
    19th    MondayOne-day Workshop on “Excelling in Group Discussions” 
CSR Club Activity Trimester I-Be A Change Maker 
20thTuesdayExpert Talk 
    22nd    ThursdaySession on Stress Management (Trimester I) 
Marketing Club Activity Trimester IV – Marketing Master Mind (Marketing Quiz) 
26thMondayWorkshop on “How to unlock your extraordinary Mind” 
27th  TuesdayGlobal Talk Series 
 28thWednesdayOne day Certification Program   
October 2022 
    1st    SaturdayOne day Certification Program on “Digital Marketing” by Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Govt. of India (MSME)
Technovation Club Activity– Techference
2ndSundayGandhi Jayanti
    3rd    Monday“Kalam ke Sipahi” Awards
Tazurba –Inter-Institute Summer Internship Presentation Competition
  10th  MondayHR Club Activity Debate    Competition
  12th  WednesdayExpert talk Series
Minor Project – I (Final Report Submission)
  13th  ThursdayResearch Club- Activity Trimester I – “Application of Technology in Business Research”
15thSaturdayE-Cell E News Activity Trimester 1
17thMondayExpert Talk on “Brands: Problem of Fakes & Grassroots” by Mr. Suresh Sati
28thFridayFinance Club Activity Trimester IV– FINQUEST
  29th  SaturdayMDP on“Personal Financial Planning and Wealth Management”
Expert talk Series on “Life Skills for Successful Career”
30thSundayMusical Event
  05th    Saturday  Startup (Entrepreneurial) Summit
07thMondayFirst Dissertation Progress Review Presentation – Trimester VI
18thFridayExpert Talk
  19th  Saturday  International Management Day
  21st  MondayExpert Talk Series
Marketing Club Activity Trimester I – Marketing Master Mind (Marketing Quiz)
  21st  Monday  5th International Conference
23rdWednesdaySeminar on “Digital Content-Marketing & Making Brand Worldwide”
  24th  ThursdayMinor Project – I Final Report Submission
Workshop -Trimester
  25th  FridayWorkshop on “Cyber Safety”
26thSaturdayMinor Project-I Interim Assessment by        Faculty Cell
26thSaturdayE Cell Entrepreneurial maze
December 2022 
2nd FridayFinance Club Activity Trimester I – FINQUEST
3d -8th (Proposed)  Saturday- ThursdayOne Day Certification Programme on “Advanced Microsoft Excel” by Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Govt. of India (MSME)
  7th  WednesdayMid- Trimester Dissertation Progress Review Presentation
8thThursdayTec novation Club Activity  
15thFridayWorkshop Minor Project II – Introduction
16thSaturdayE Cell -Innovative products
26th December    to 6th JanuaryMonday- FridayEnd-Trimester Examinations –Trimester I
25thSundayChristmas Day

Industrial Visit ****

Total 84 Minor and 48 Major Industrial Visit will be schedule during entire curriculum as per the mutual confirmation from Industry Partner